About us

Balze Grigie came about almost by chance in 2005 when we restored a piece of woodland that had once been a vineyard belonging to our great-grandmother Margherita in Pua, an outlying section of Pianazzòla.

In hindsight, it’s safe to say that nothing happens without a reason.

Having started quietly and almost ‘for fun’, the Balze Grigie initiative has turned over time into a challenging project shared and realised by three friends.
It was born out of a passion that required and continues to require time, constant work and patience while waiting for the results.

It has required studies, in-depth studies and close collaboration with experts in the wine sector who have contributed – even to this day – to the project to create an innovative and distinctive production in the mountain area of Chiavenna, recovering an area that had long been abandoned.

The goal of Balze Grigie today is to produce refined, well-made organic wine. We strive towards high quality, without short-cuts, and our batches are small as we only use grapes grown on our own vineyards in Chiavenna.

One key point to remember is that before we even started thinking about making premium wine, we poured our time, patience and energy into salvaging the land and, more specifically, our historic, long-forgotten terraces. A whole series of interventions were needed to make them safe and allow them to be cultivated with modern techniques.

We very much hope that our combined efforts have contributed to nurturing a shared aesthetic sense of the landscape, not to mention the safety of our beloved town of Chiavenna, which coordinates the international project “Cittaslow Tourism Outdoor”. The village of Pianazzòla is characterized by balze, the towering crags of land and grey rock that give our winery its name: Balze Grigie.

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