Restoring the tower

Set like a cameo against the steep backdrop of the San Giovanni vineyard stands a 19th-century tower. We wanted to restore it to its former glory, and placed it in the skilled hands of master restorer Giacomo Luzzana.

The project involved strengthening the original rendering by injecting it with special pre-mixed mortar and natural hydraulic lime containing no salt. The finishing touches were replastering and painting the missing elements, to return the original, historic paintwork to its original state.

This was far more than a restoration project: we feel that it represents our journey, based on respect for the environment and local area, our passion for an ancient craft, care to detail and a keen interest in history and art.

Music in the wine cellar

We age our red wine in 225 litre oak barrels, while our white wines are aged in stainless steel vats.

We’ve started playing them pieces by Mozart during the ageing period, so they can listen to polyphonic, balanced music.

The specific, unique vibrations of music can improve the chemical balance of certain substances and therefore improve human health and mental wellbeing; it makes sense that it could also act on the balance and harmony of another chemical substance, namely wine.

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